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Interview with Marco Antonio

Interview with Spanish photographer Marco Antonio.
We talked about his ongoing project Camping. A personal view on life and the passing of time on a campsite in Madrid’s mountains, Spain.

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Fahrenheit 39

Fahrenheit 39 is a festival that explores the book as object rather than a means to express content, as a place where the wills of intrepid artists, writers, authors and independent publishers meet. In addition, it approaches to other artistic and publishing practices, making up an independent publishing fair with lectures and workshops.

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David Hornillos

Principe Pio is a project of David Hornillos on this neighborhood in Madrid’s downtown, located around the old North Station, next to the river Manzanares. Its name comes from its location at the base of Principe Pio Mountain, named after his former owner, Prince Pio of Savoy.

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Interview with José Deconde

Seeking Magazine interviewed Spanish photographer José Deconde on his ongoing project Barrio. This interesting interview, in which we’ve been able to delve into the creative process of his project, is born in a productive correspondence.

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Salvi Danés

Salvi Danés is a young photographer based in Barcelona. Recently he has been awarded “New Talent of Photography FNAC 2011″ with Dark Isolation, Tokyo.

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La Morenica. Carlos García

La Morenica by Carlos García.

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Rafael Alcácer

Rafael Alcácer is a photographer based in Madrid (Spain) who I follow since I discovered Flickr and found his work.

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Ana Cuba

Ana Cuba is a young and promising photographer from Zaragoza, Spain. In just under three years her work has suffered an important transformation which has bring a good mature and professional result.
I’ve been following her work for some time and from the beginning I was captivated by her way to see and observe what surrounds her. I believe she has a solid work for such a young woman, you can clearly see that she works and thinks carefully every shoot she proposes. So here it is Ana Cuba on Seeking Magazine.

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Julio López Saguar

Seeking Magazine: How and when did you get started with photography? How were your beginnings? Julio López Saguar: My beginnings go back to the year 1973, I was 19 years old, eager to learn but without means, a proper camera or anybody that could give me some advise about it. The only solution was a [...]

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Mikel Aramendia

1981 Navarra, Spain Seeking Magazine: How was your first contact with photography? When you realized you couldn’t stop shooting? Mikel Aramendia: The reason why I used a camera for the first time was graffiti. We used to do graffiti and used the camera to document our work and others. It was a practical solution. Also [...]

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