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Ibán Ramón

Ibán Ramón es un fotógrafo y diseñador español residente en Valencia. Desde que descubrí su trabajo no ha parado de sorprenderme. Tiene una capacidad innata para crear imágenes de gran fuerza visual. Consigue narrar historias que nos acercan a un mundo personal y fascinante, donde la luz y los colores nos envuelven en una atmósfera perfecta. Hablamos de Ibán Ramón o el arte de mirar.

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Joseph X. Burke :: Featured photographer

I’ve been following Joseph X. Burke’s work for a long time, and is not a coincidence. He is a multi-disciplinary talent, photographer, graphic designer and musician living in Brooklyn, New York. His work is inspiring, I feel very identified with what he does. It’s an urban landscape photographer, his photographs show us the other side of the streets of Brooklyn, the corners that are less known and desolate. His interest in the details and textures, the way he handles color and composition, make up a strong and totally contemporary style. His night shots, have a warm and exceptional light control.

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Samuel Bradley :: Featured photographer

Samuel Bradley is one of those new faces in the photography scene which people start talking about. A style that has not gone unnoticed. Powerful images with a haunting atmosphere, take us to surreal scenes close to our subconscious. Deep inside a gloomy room or in the midst of an idyllic landscape.

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Maciej Gruszecki :: Featured photographer

Photography of Absence
This series I want to featured the work of photographer Maciej Gruszecki.
I like the way to compose and watch the spaces in this photographer. He works out perfectly the lines and shapes in his photographs, stands in daily life details and generate a sense of comfort, almost as if we already had been there.

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Enrique Gambarte

¡De nuevo a la carga! Entrevista con el fotógrafo español Enrique Gambarte. Es de esa clase de fotógrafos que se esta extinguiendo por el empuje del medio digital. Un trabajo metódico, con las ideas muy claras y unas fotografías que son imposibles de olvidar. ¡Entérate de todo aquí! ¡Muy pronto la versión en inglés!

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Imogen Freeland

(by ImogenFreeland) Me encantan este tipo de retratos intimistas y con una luz celestial. Parece que uno este ahí en ese mismo momento, observando a tu pareja en un instante de quietud y serenidad. Son momentos de fuerza y autenticidad, por mucho que podamos preparar la foto y no sea completamente espontáneo. Merece la pena [...]

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Ériver Hijano

(by ériver) This kind of portraits hypnotize me and make me think about what fantastic is the photography. We should do more pictures of beautiful women and stop being silly. A picture really powerful, decisive. Ériver Hijano’s fault. Tweet

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Adriana Petit (Muso Fantasma)

This is me, and this is mine (by Adriana Petit (Muso Fantasma)) This kind of pictures I like because they have an adventure and romanticism atmosphere. They are snapshots that are killing hard now on Flickr, a youth and free spirit, without ties. Seem to belong to a film of the 80s. I like to [...]

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New interview with the Spanish photographer Enrique Gambarte

Return to the attack! New interview with the Spanish photographer Enrique Gambarte. It’s that kind of photographers to become extinct for push of digital media. A methodical, with very clear ideas and photographs very difficult to forget. Check it out here! English translation coming soon! Tweet

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Seeking Magazine

Landscape Architecture(by Michael Chrisman) Shortly after I began to find Flickr I follow the work of Canadian photographer and creative director Michael Chrisman. His style is for me a reference, simplicity composition, cleaning colors, playing with the lines and architectural elements to achieve the perfect balance.I think his work is an important source of inspiration [...]

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