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Interview with Cesura Publish

We talked to the creators of one of the photobooks made people talk in 2012 and that nicely surprised me because of its concept and production. It’s about ‘Found Photos in Detroit’ (Cesura Publish) and behind it are the italian photographers Arianna Arcara and Luca Santese. A book about the decandence of the city that was one of the economic foundations of USA.

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Jim Mortram

Seeking Magazine interviewed the photographer Jim Mortram to talk about Market Town, the project he has been working the last two years.

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Akira Asakura

Seeking Magazine: What got you started in photography? Akira Asakura: The first camera I had was an old Nikon which was presented to me by my father when I was twenty or so. He used to have a dark room in my house before I was born. I think now that his influence on me [...]

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Alex Gaidouk

Alex Gaidouk is one of those photographers you have to follow, who make you think. He was born in Russia and is based in Brooklyn. Alex loves to wander around and explore places to photograph. He has already produced an impressive body of work in street photography, and he’s one of my favourite photographers on Flickr.

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Christian Flatscher

Christian Flatscher is a photographer and architecture student based in Innsbruck, Austria. Check out his work on his website. It’s highly recommended!

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Thomas Albdorf

Thomas Albdorf is a photographer, conceptual artist and graphic designer based in Vienna, Austria. He participated in exhibitions in Vienna, Germany and UK. Recently The Velvet Cell Books published a book containing his photographs.

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Rafael Alcácer

Rafael Alcácer is a photographer based in Madrid (Spain) who I follow since I discovered Flickr and found his work.

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Rob Hunter

Rob Hunter is an emerging photographer established in South Africa. He started taking photographs by chance thanks to the persistence of a friend till he couldn’t escape photography. His work is captivating and disturbing, his vision is mainly compromised of common places with some element that makes you think and imagine things that are about to happen or happened already. On his captivating portraits, he looks for complicity with the people, showing us persons of all ages and social levels, a fistful of fresh and natural moments.

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Alex Veledzimovich

Alex Veledzimovich is a young photographer based in Belarusian, he has a great talent. He enjoys listening to Velvet Underground or Pink Floyd.

In ‘Nonage’ a project with stunning portraits of young people from Vitebsk his hometown, he explores the immortality of the photography.

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Tina Kazakhishvili

Tina Kazakhishvili is an architect at the National Museum of Georgia, but her great passion is photography. She likes to be spontaneous and uses black and white to achieve a more personal work, where textures and nostalgic scenes are predominant. Her images have a authenticity seal difficult to ignore. Her uncle was the culprit of introducing her to photography and since then she hasn’t stopped shooting. She admires Italian cinema and documentary photography with a social side.

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