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Interview with Cesura Publish

We talked to the creators of one of the photobooks made people talk in 2012 and that nicely surprised me because of its concept and production. It’s about ‘Found Photos in Detroit’ (Cesura Publish) and behind it are the italian photographers Arianna Arcara and Luca Santese. A book about the decandence of the city that was one of the economic foundations of USA.

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Interview with Marco Antonio

Interview with Spanish photographer Marco Antonio.
We talked about his ongoing project Camping. A personal view on life and the passing of time on a campsite in Madrid’s mountains, Spain.

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Fahrenheit 39

Fahrenheit 39 is a festival that explores the book as object rather than a means to express content, as a place where the wills of intrepid artists, writers, authors and independent publishers meet. In addition, it approaches to other artistic and publishing practices, making up an independent publishing fair with lectures and workshops.

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David Hornillos

Principe Pio is a project of David Hornillos on this neighborhood in Madrid’s downtown, located around the old North Station, next to the river Manzanares. Its name comes from its location at the base of Principe Pio Mountain, named after his former owner, Prince Pio of Savoy.

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Albert Bonsfills

No Car No House is a project of the Catalan photographer Albert Bonsfills. It raises the change that Chinese society is undergoing, which was based on a philosophy of traditional values such as protection, loyalty, respect, harmony and study. 
Old generations wanted to get a good job, a good woman with whom create a family and be respected by his closest friends.

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Interview with José Deconde

Seeking Magazine interviewed Spanish photographer José Deconde on his ongoing project Barrio. This interesting interview, in which we’ve been able to delve into the creative process of his project, is born in a productive correspondence.

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Jim Mortram

Seeking Magazine interviewed the photographer Jim Mortram to talk about Market Town, the project he has been working the last two years.

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Missy Prince

Missy Prince is a photographer based in Portland, USA. One of my favorite photographers on Flickr, she has an amazing body of work. She focuses on landscapes and nature, following the classic American aesthetic, producing a delicate light that I really like.

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Marcin Kaniewski

Photographs by Marcin Kaniewski, photographer and architect from Poland.
He only uses black and white negative film and medium format cameras.

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Rich Burroughs

Photographs by Rich Burroughs, photographer based in Portland, Oregon, USA.
Rich shot with Polaroid cameras and SX-70 Blend, 779 and PZ 680 film.

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