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David Hornillos

Principe Pio is a project of David Hornillos on this neighborhood in Madrid’s downtown, located around the old North Station, next to the river Manzanares. Its name comes from its location at the base of Principe Pio Mountain, named after his former owner, Prince Pio of Savoy. This project stems from the personal need of photographing a particular territory. In this place, wandering around the streets, I try to make an inner portrait of the place and the people who pass by.

The coming out of the 5th Fanzine FIESTAFIESTA will take place in Bufalino (Calle Puebla, 9. Madrid) on April 24th. David Hornillos, ex student of Blankpaper School Madrid and member of the photography collective Fotoaplauso, will showcase his work. David strengthens his speech with his work at Atocha train station (Principe Pio came first) and consolidates its photographic universe with the novelty of using a very strong color.

Via blog de BlankPaper.

©Photographs by David Hornillos.

Translation: Violeta Morelli.

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