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Albert Bonsfills

No Car No House is a project of the Catalan photographer Albert Bonsfills. It raises the change that Chinese society is undergoing, which was based on a philosophy of traditional values such as protection, loyalty, respect, harmony and study. 
Old generations wanted to get a good job, a good woman with whom create a family and be respected by his closest friends.

Now, in the middle of capitalism, there are two completely opposite societies coexisting in Chinese large cities. Chinese new generations want to change the image they project of themselves to the West. They want to stop pretending to be robots and being a synonym for cheap. They want to work in creative jobs and new technologies instead.

In general, Chinese young people want money, a good car and becoming powerful. They pay attention to the image and lifestyle of the West. Old people go on wearing white shirts and meeting on Sundays to sing in the park.

Nowadays, China is growing dizzy between these two philosophies.

This is a selection of photographs from the project No Car No House:

Meat drying up under the sun, Guangzhou

Shopping Center with actor Andy Lau advertisement, Shanghai.

Young girls washing their hair in front of a hairdresser in a traditional street of Shanghai.

Two girls on Maitan street, commercial district of Shanghai.

Chaoyang, Beijing.

Sanlitun Village, Beijing.

Garbage, cocks and clothes, Shanghai.

Western cosmetic brands are opened to the Chinese market, Shanghai.

Duality in Shanghai.

Office workers speaking in a shopping center, Beijing.

Hui minority young girl, Beijing.

Young with a crucifix and toupee, Beijing.

Don’t miss the amazing video for the Chinese song No Car No House on Youtube:

©Photographs by Albert Bonsfills.

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