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Katja Kremenic

Something else somewhere else, photographs by Katja Kremenic.

Something else somewhere else is an ongoing series of photos i’ve started in May this year. Young Art Stockholm asked me to participate in an group exhibition with 10 of my works. So i’ve decided to start a new series and present the part of it there. i was accumulating alot of personal work over the end of winter and through spring without any special concept in mind. So when i sat down to edit and choose the work i wanted to show there i realized i was certainly after some very specific personal feeling i felt in me and around me in that period. i was constructing it by the method of two. Not really like diptichs (they can stand alon, too) but more like the guide line for myself. So in one photo there is usaully a person and in the other is something completely else.And after hearing a lyrics in some hiphop freestyle track coming out of my boyfriends computer it all clicked so I ‘borrowed’ the part of it and titled the series Something else somewhere else. Since the response was very good and i’ve personally liked what i’ve made in such a short time i’ve decided to keep working in the same feeling and make the series bigger.
Katja Kremenic

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