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Alex Gaidouk

Alex Gaidouk is one of those photographers you have to follow, who make you think. He was born in Russia and is based in Brooklyn. Alex loves to wander around and explore places to photograph. He has already produced an impressive body of work in street photography, and he’s one of my favourite photographers on Flickr.

Seeking Magazine: Tell us something about yourself? Where are you?

Alex Gaidouk: I grew up in northwestern Russia. I have little faith in humanity. I live in Brooklyn, New York.

SM: Tell us something about your life in Brooklyn.

AG: I like to explore, so I walk around a lot. That’s mostly what I do. Sometimes I cook.

SM: Your ‘Travel’ series. What mean these travel for you?

AG: A means of escaping the mundanity of every day life.

SM: What are your references and photographers who inspire you?

AG: Currently my inspirations are the Situationist International, various German and Dutch photographers, and the workprint of the 1989 film Cyborg.

SM: Tell us about your ‘Documentary’ and ‘Chinatown’ series.

AG: As I mentioned earlier, I wander a lot, and the documentary series is one of the results of these wanderings (the others being sore leg muscles and a broader view.) I always have a camera with me and I take snapshots of things that I find interesting. The Chinatown series is essentially the same thing, but specific to Chinatown in Manhattan. It’s really a fascinating place and a favorite of mine to walk around in. I plan on making a photo book about Chinatown at some point in the near future.

SM: Which is is your favorite film? And film director?

AG: I do not have one favorite film. Some of my favorite directors include Bela Tarr, Aki and Mika Kaurismaki, Hiroshi Teshigahara, Andrei Tarkovsky and R.W. Fassbinder. The list goes on and on. I’m also a fan of Hong Kong cat III films, gialli, and general b-list garbage.

SM: Something you couldn’t live without?

AG: Carnal Flower by Dominique Ropion for Frederic Malle.

SM: When you’re not taking pictures what do you enjoy doing?

AG: Walking around and discovering new places, observing, reading and learning about distant places and foreign countries, watching films.

SM: A place that you don’t know and you would like to go with a camera…

AG: I could write a list several pages long, but if I had to choose just one, right now that place would be Magnitogorsk. There’s a statue there that I would really love to see and photograph.

Interview by Andrés Medina
For more information about Alex Gaidouk take a look at his website and Flickr.

Copyright © Alex Gaidouk, All rights reserved. This photographs are not to be used as free stock.

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