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Alex Veledzimovich

Alex Veledzimovich is a young photographer based in Belarusian, he has a great talent. He enjoys listening to Velvet Underground or Pink Floyd.

In ‘Nonage’ a project with stunning portraits of young people from Vitebsk his hometown, he explores the immortality of the photography.

Seeking Magazine: Tell us something about yourself? Where are you?

Alex Veledzimovich: I am Alex, 27 from the small city of Vitebsk in the Republic of Belarus. I don’t know what more I can say, I’m easy-tempered, like old music from the 50′ 60′ 70′ (Velvet Underground, Joan Baez, Doors, Pink Floyd). Not married yet, who wants to?

Alex Veledzimovich

SM: How did you get started with photography? Are you trained or self taught?

AV: In 2004 my friend Nastya showed me her camera “Zenit” with 135mm lens and I just looked through the viewfinder, but didn’t take any pictures. After that during the summer I worked in USA and bought my first camera, a Canon 300D. Yes, I started working in digital and never read books like “Photography for Losers” or something like that, I don’t plan to be photographer, I just like having a camera and can take pictures when I walk around in the city.

I spent two years training, sadly I don’t have the pictures from that period because all of them burned with my hard drive. Also I go to workshops to meet with other photographers that do the kind of pictures that I like, because it is a more convenient way to learn photography in my country. Next summer I want to participate in a workshop in Saint Petersburg (Russia).

Alex Veledzimovich

SM: What is photography for you?

AV: Visual language, a medium that can take me to a new mental level. You take photos not only because you want to have picture.

Alex Veledzimovich

SM: What inspires you, and what doesn’t?

AV: I am inspired by people, interiors and urban landscapes, sometimes new movies. Very often I want to do portraits because I see somebody that is wearing strange clothes or has an unusual face.

Alex Veledzimovich

SM: What are your references and photographers who inspire you?

AV: I have some photographers that I really like: Oleg Videnin, Evgeniy Mochorev, Alec Soth, Lise Sarfaty, Rena Effendy, Sally Man, Larry Clark, Igor Muhin, Merry Ellen Mark. I can write more, but I thought that get the idea. But also I like pictures of some young photographers like Katarina Smuraga, Olga Ivanova, Margo Ovcharenko.

Alex Veledzimovich

SM: Tell us about your series ‘FY’. What mean these portraits for you?

AV: Photos from series ‘FY’ (forever young) have a very simple connection with this phrase: “all people stay young forever in photos, they never will be old, and never die, photographers create worlds that never change”, but for me is just the name of the album, just a name without any double sense.
When I did those portraits I tried to understand myself and improve my connection with reality and people. It is training, I don’t think that we can speak about finished project.

But some photos from ‘FY’ are from a project I called “Nonage” about young people from Vitebsk (my native city).

Alex Veledzimovich

SM: You use analog cameras and film in your work. Why did you choose film and not digital?

AV: For work (weddings, parties) I usually use a digital camera, a Canon 5d Mark2. When I do portraits “for me” I use a Rolleiflex 2.8c for these reasons:

1. It looks very good and people in the street want to speak with you because they are curious.
2. When you are taking photos with a Rolleiflex you don’t hide your face with the camera and people feel themselves and at ease.
3. It is discipline. You must be very concentrated and careful, I never do the same photo twice. For example all photos from ‘FY’ where shoot on the first attempt.
4. I understand people better with this camera, because it is a slow camera.
5. I can not have the same quality as with digital (details, grain, square composition, etc.)

Alex Veledzimovich

SM: When you’re not taking pictures what do you enjoy doing?

AV: Now, all my activities concentrate around photography, I started working in Minsk photo school with a small course “Portraiture”, I read books, usually Russian classics. I do archiving and postproduction of photos, last year I improved my skills in analog print making, I organize workshops in Vitebsk. Now as I answer your questions about photography and write it down I realize I’m a very boring person.

I also like to see movies (sometimes stupid Hollywood comedies).

Alex Veledzimovich
Alex Veledzimovich
Alex Veledzimovich
Alex Veledzimovich
Alex Veledzimovich

Interview by Andrés Medina
Review of the English translation by Alvaro Muñoz-Aycuens.
For more information about Alex Veledzimovich take a look at: and his Flickr.

Copyright © Alex Veledzimovich, All rights reserved. This photographs are not to be used as free stock.

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