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Joseph X. Burke :: Featured photographer

I’ve been following Joseph X. Burke’s work for a long time, and is not a coincidence. He is a multi-disciplinary talent, photographer, graphic designer and musician living in Brooklyn, New York. His work is inspiring, I feel very identified with what he does. It’s an urban landscape photographer, his photographs show us the other side of the streets of Brooklyn, the corners that are less known and desolate. His interest in the details and textures, the way he handles color and composition, make up a strong and totally contemporary style. His night shots, have a warm and exceptional light control.
He only works on analogue with a medium format Hasselblad 500C and a 35mm Nikon F100.

Texture Fiction is an amazing series which Joseph takes us on an inner search for the deepest feelings of the city. A mixture of landscapes, shadows, lights and textures exploding in our retina.

Texture Fiction is a series of images created through the use of in-camera multiple exposure techniques; layered compositions of patterns and textures found throughout my environment. The aim is to produce spontaneous yet deliberate, surreal images, comprised of elements from the everyday.

All photographs were captured using analog Nikon 35mm equipment.

Joseph X. Burke on his website, Flickr and his music.


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