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Enrique Gambarte

Seeking Magazine: How did your passion for photography ignited?
Enrique Gambarte: Sincerely, out of the blue. I work in graphic design, when I was 23 years old I went to Barcelona, some clients where asking me for photographs for their websites so I got a digital point and shoot. Later on I bought another film camera and when I returned to my city I started a photography course.
Between chemicals and dark rooms, developing and printing, I discovered analog photography. Later on I continued with digital photography.

SM: You are basically a black and white photographer, why do you shoot in b&w?
EG: I like to transmit my feelings in b&w basically because I feel it that way. There are many photographs that I don’t see in color or at least don’t give the feeling I’m looking for. Also being able to control the development and make copies on printer are some of the reasons why I shoot in b&w.

SM: You started with film photography, then you went the digital way. What made you go back to film?
EG: I was coming back from two complicated years, one of those bumps in life, also the death of a fellow friend was the last straw.
In February of 2009 I attended a Lomography course teached by Pasquale Caprile in Vitoria, Spain at Artium. Lomography always interested me, so I took it, personally it was a success.
I had the need to experiment and go back to film, at the same time I discovered medium format, cornerstone of my current work. Some time after I bought a Rollei and later a Hasselblad.

SM: How would you define your style? What are your influences?
EG: More than defining my style I prefer to say the kind of photography that interest me. The people, empty spaces, the old, play with time, all that is of interest to me.
I enjoy taking my camera, go around the streets shooting, sometimes without looking in the viewfinder, trying to capture what I see and transmit what I feel seeing it.
Influences? Since we wake up till we go back to bed again, we are influenced involuntarily TV, radio, advertisement, newspapers, internet…. all is an influence.
To give an example, when I see a movie I like to observe and analyze its photographic side.

SM: How is a normal day in the life of Enrique Gambarte?
EG: Mmmm… I have being dad again some days ago… so between diapers!!
I wake up, shower, wake up my kid, breakfast, I take him to school, go to work, back home, more work, back home again, baths and dinner of my kids, some couple chat, I do my develop and scanning by night…. in between I also have some sleep and eat.

SM: Which things do inspire you?
EG: My family, watch what happens around me, walk the street, memories, music, light….

SM: What do you like apart from photography?
EG: Do design work, jot on my notebook, swim in the pool, suffer with my soccer team (Racing), Have a beer? You can see me in the Somo beach doing Skimboard or traveling with my family.

SM: What is your current project?
EG: I have two projects waiting, meanwhile I work on my archive. I have some professional work in the developing phase.

SM: What are your plans for the future?
EG: I don’t like to think much about the future. I prefer to live the present working with the same joy, dedication and if possible with some talent.

Let me thank you for this interview and finish it dedicating all my work to my teacher, friend and colleague Talo Beraza.

Enrique Gambarte in its website and Flickr.

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