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Aaron Feaver

Aaron Feaver is a photographer based in Los Angeles, California (USA). He has an impressive collection of fashion photography where light has a lead role. This fact plus the way in which his models pose, are already a classic within his style. I never get tired checking out his work, always surprising me again.

Seeking Magazine: How did you get started with photography? Are you trained or self taught?
Aaron Feaver: I’m self taught. I’ve been taking pictures for years but only got serious about it in the last 6 months or so, when I started photographing people in a more formal way. It changed from being something I casually enjoyed to something I was obsessed with.

SM: Tell us about you and your artistic background.
AF: I don’t have much of an artistic background. I was an English major in college and briefly wanted to be a writer, but…writing well is really hard.

SM: Where does your obsession for taking pictures of beautiful women?
AF: Haha well I wouldn’t call it an obsession, exactly. I like taking pictures of men, too, they’re just a bit harder to find. Or at least men that I find interesting to photograph are harder to find. But women, yeah, what can I say? They’re beautiful and inspiring.

SM: What inspires you, and what doesn’t?
AF: I’m inspired by other people’s photographs, of course, but also by the person I’m photographing. My best photos happen when the model and I are both working to make the same thing.

SM: I think you’d like to use film for your photo shoots. What gives you the film compared with digital?
AF: I use a lot of both. Using film and film cameras is definitely a more pleasurable experience for me, and I generally like the results more, but I’m getting better at making good images with the digital camera, too. I think the film vs. digital argument is more a “crappy film vs. digital” argument. If you have a nice film camera and quality film, the results are very similar to digital… sharp, good color and contrast. But people have taken that whole Polaroid/Lomo/Toy camera look and made it synonymous with “film,” which it really isn’t. That said, I do like that look and I use Polaroid and toy cameras all the time. I just think of it more as a toy camera look, not a general “film” look.

SM: What photographers have influenced you?
AF: Really too many to list. I started a website just to collect them all:

SM: What cameras are you constantly using?
AF: I’ve been using a Pentax 6×7 a lot lately, and it’s quickly becoming my favorite. The negatives are gigantic and it’s fun to use. I use a Canon AE-1 and a Nikon FM2 for most of my 35mm stuff, and a Polaroid SLR680 and 250.

SM: What is your favorite past time?
AF: Besides taking pictures, I like to ride my bike around Venice, where I live.

SM: When you’re not taking pictures what do you enjoy doing?
AF: I like to read and listen to music. Nothing terribly exciting.

SM: Your projects, whishes for tomorrow.
AF: Right now I’m focusing on taking pictures and somehow turning that into a way to make a living. I’ve been collaborating with another photographer on some shoots and so far it’s going really well.

Aaron Feaver on his website, blog and Flickr.

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