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Samuel Bradley :: Featured photographer

Samuel Bradley is one of those new faces in the photography scene which people start talking about. A style that has not gone unnoticed. Powerful images with a haunting atmosphere, take us to surreal scenes close to our subconscious. Deep inside a gloomy room or in the midst of an idyllic landscape.

These photographs belong to a big transitional period in my work. Big in both the amount of time it’s lasting, and the transition itself. From the moment I started university last year in September I fought against film, and fine art and real photography in general. I thought I was commercial through and through. No one had ever taught me about the value photographs had or how deep pictures ran. I got introduced to developing and printing by hand, then scanning, then medium format in a two month period. By December I was seriously re thinking how I took pictures. Since then I’ve been spending all my money on film, reading a lot of books on photography and trawling the internet for new inspiration. My outlook is now totally different. I’ve been using film for ten months, and it’s begun to affect my digital work to the point where a lot of people can’t tell the difference between the two. I can’t tell you which I prefer so don’t ask, maybe some day I’ll decide, every day I change my mind.
Samuel Bradley

Samuel is a 20 year old photographer based near London, and sometimes in Devon.


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