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Maciej Gruszecki :: Featured photographer

Photography of Absence
This series I want to featured the work of photographer Maciej Gruszecki.
I like the way to compose and watch the spaces in this photographer. He works out perfectly the lines and shapes in his photographs, stands in daily life details and generate a sense of comfort, almost as if we already had been there.

What I do is analogue photography.
I strongly believe in craftsmanship, in the unique feel and quality of hand produced books, Swiss watches, bespoke London umbrellas and local French cheeses and wine. In exactly the same manner I believe in one-off hand made photographs, made as a natural result combining silver emulsion reacting in time with light and pure physical and chemical processes.
Maciej Gruszecki

This photographs have been taken with a medium format camera, Rolleiflex 6008 Integral.

By: Maciej Gruszecki

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